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Wild Flower Tiles

This is just an example of the variety of wildflowers and plants that could be incorporated into your home. Tile size, shape and color are yours to decide. Price ranges from $15 to $25 dollars a tile.
Assorted Fish Tiles
Blue Background

These tiles are a sample of the wide range of tiles available. Prices range from $15 to $25 dollars a tile.

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Salmon Fish Tiles

These simple fish tiles are one of my most popular tiles and the easiest for me to create, allowing customers to purchase many tiles at a low price and specify the desired colors or fish species. Prices range from $10 dollars a tile.

6 Inch "Wave" Fish Tiles
All of these tiles are handmade and painted with a special surface to
create the look of water and movement. The thick, irregular shape creates
a more natural look instead of "factory made". Custom prices apply.

Here are a few of my favorite 4 " tiles in pine frames and painted frames. I paint each frame a color that will enhance the tile. Prices range from $20.00 to $25.00

4 " handmade tiles with various impressions and surface textures. Prices start at $15.00
6" handmade tiles with frog impressions and surface texture. Prices start at $15.00

6" Sealife tile in blue and lavender with a pine frame $25.00
6" Fantasy tile in a pine frame. This tile is extremely intricate in detail. Prices start at $45.00


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